Māris Jansons, Cēsis, restorāns KEST Māris Jansons, Cēsis, restorāns KEST

Māris Jansons


Food is not only about the quality of ingredients, but also about the quality of thoughts

I do not remember the exact age I first became interested in dishes and their combinations, but I remember precisely that it was a true adventure for me. When working in the kitchen you can make discoveries that continue to increase your appetite to discover more and more. Following the desire for gastronomic discoveries, I've been working as a Chef for over two decades, preparing a wide variety of dishes for very different people. My guests have included princes, presidents, actors, famous chefs and other world-class gourmets. And all my guests have always wanted to be pleasantly surprised. This is what I have considered when founding my new restaurant. A meal at Kest should be an enjoyable adventure that raises your eyebrows in pleasant surprise, whether you taste something classic or entirely new.

Māris Jansons


Our restaurant is like a gastronomic journey that will lead you to well-known territories, as well as to something completely undiscovered.

The boat symbolises ancient times, when the Livs residing on the other side of the River Gauja called the Cēsis side “kest”. It meant “there, on the other side”. “The other side” attracted attention due to the activities of merchants and boats that brought goods from close and distant lands to ancient Cēsis. It enriched the local understanding of the outside world and created a new cultural experience. You are sitting at the table, while delicious things from around the world appear on your plates. The dishes are exquisitely prepared, served in a friendly manner, and leave an unforgettable taste experience. Kest is a restaurant for those who like to look at the classics in a slightly less classical light as well.




Māris Jansons, the Chef of Restaurant Kest, has extensive experience in serving banquets, starting from small anniversaries to large corporate events. Māris has been awarded several times by the Latvian Association of Event Producers with the Award of Outstanding Banquet Chef. This is the highest appreciation for the Chef expressed by his own colleagues.

Māris Jansons

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